I created ROAM Academy for this simple reason - to teach others that creativity can be learned, and that hard work and the motivation to enact change will produce fruit. Real fruit. Life altering and fulfilling fruit. Your journey in life is the only shot you get - ROAM is more than a course. It's an educational platform/community that is focused on doing the best we can with what we believe we should be doing while in this world. 

ROAM first launched in March of 2023 as simply a course. Then, a community of students grew. From there, I launched a free, yearly, in-person workshop exclusively for ROAM students. Where will ROAM be in a year? 5 years? Who knows - but if the beginning of its existent is any sign of the future, I foresee a large, new community of motivated and passionate videographers from all across the globe. 

Think that ROAM might be right for you? My promise is that if you begin to implement the strategies I teach about in the course, that the trajectory and perception of your business will forever be changed, your community will massively grow, and the amount of value that you receive will far outweigh any financial investment you make into this experience. 


I'm Stanton

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not just a course. 

An unparalleled experience for motivated videographers

Just like with anything in life, you will get out what you put in. ROAM was built to be more than just a course - think of the course as your "gateway drug" into a new outlook on your career as a videographer - new found skills and techniques to improve the quality, professionalism, and efficiency at which you work, and an invitation into something bigger than just yourself. ROAM was made for you to put 100% in and get more than you thought possible out.

Core Principles

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" I can't believe I just bought a course that INCLUDES a free yearly workshop for less than the price of most workshops in the industry. The value I am getting is insane. I feel like I am stealing something! "

ROAM is here to be an experience, not a product. For once, you should feel that you got way more than your money's worth when investing in something. ROAM was designed to cost less than the average in-person, wedding videography workshop, all while including access to a private community of videographers, and getting a full on, ever-growing course. The workshop takes places yearly, and you have lifetime access to come to every single one after you join. 2 days of speakers, community, and time in an epic location shooting REAL content for your portfolios. You can find out more by clicking here.

An exclusive & free experience for ROAM members

The ROAM Workshop

our Philosophy

It's true - creativity can be learned. You just have to want to. Creativity is inside of each of us like a sleeping dragon. Will you be bold enough to enact change in your life and pursue that greater creativity? In ROAM, this is my encouragement to each person, and my constant push - to be better, to realize your potential, and to take a bold, scary step and get the ball rolling on your future.

"All too often, it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage"

Creativity Can Be Learned

Where wedding videographers EMBRACE their CREATIVE journey and EMPOWER their CRAFT.


A Bit about the Founder

Voted Filmmaker of the Year two years in a row by LoveStoriesTV, Stanton Giles is the educational leader of the travel wedding videography community, paving the way for new and innovative approaches to filmmaking for elopements and destination weddings.