A recap video from the 2023 ROAM Workshop

the ROAM Retreat Recap Video

Instead of making an action packed, eye candy trailer, a more heartfelt and genuine style of recap felt more in line with the feelings that I’m left with in the wake of this experience. It’s hard to put into words what community and giving back does for the soul - to do something that feels in line with your spirit, to pour as much of the best parts of yourself into others as you can. 

Oregon Coast / august 13-15, 2024

The roam retreat 2024

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BIG NEWS!! After much thought and reflection on this years retreat, I've decided that this coming years workshop is going to be on the Oregon coast!! From beaches to waterfalls, seacliffs to rainforest, I can't think of a better place to host the next ROAM Retreat. As always, as a founding member in 2023, you are granted exclusively access to ROAM Retreats, so be sure to invest into ROAM to gain access to this insane retreat and the course as well!

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Everything we do at the ROAM Retreat

From the getting ready, to drone shots, ceremony, and vow audio, our goal is to give you everything you need to make a full elopement film to enhance your portfolio.

This year showcased Multiply media, John Bunn and Nick Miller of How to film weddings, and stanton giles as speakers. just as important as in-field training is in-person sit down lectures where we can slow down to learn the most important things in our journeys as wedding videographers.

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one of my favorite unexpected results of the retreat came in the form of community and friendships made. This industry can be very lonely, so providng a space for community to be fostered was so fulfilling. The community alone is reason enough to participate!

A separate session from the elopement, getting to shoot and practice with our drones in the mountains is a must! Will you make a reel from this content? It's all up to you! This was a favorite activity amongst roam workshop attendees

your branding is key to your success in this field, why not kill two birds with one stone while you're in the mountains? At the roam workshop, we have a dedicated photographer there to get headshots of you in the mountains, as well as you in action shooting a real bride and groom! of course, this is included and is free of charge with the experience.

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The ROAM Retreat takes place yearly - by purchasing ROAM, you get free access to the next retreat in 2024. Check out what people are saying about the retreat below!

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"We can't help but feel an immense sense of gratitude for the experience we just had. We've spent so many years constantly grinding out work that we've never gotten the opportunity to invest some time in our creative selves. I knew that we wouldn't regret going, but Roam truly was even better than we could have imagined.
Thank you for creating an intimate and personal experience for us to learn from each other, for creating the opportunity to meet and learn from leaders in the industry, and for fostering a community for all of us that really left us motivated and inspired."

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Are you ready to join the largest, most active and motivated group of travel wedding videographers out there? We can't wait to have you. Our community over competition mindset has really changed so many people's lives and business trajectory. We value real people, growth mindsets, and hungry personalities. Are you ready?

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