The travel Wedding videography experience

If you had the guarantee of a vastly different , all encompassing educational experience, a lasting community of videographers, a huge push into becoming a more powerful and successful version of yourself, and the opportunity to travel the world, getting paid to shoot weddings in some of the most epic locations, WOULD YOU SAY YES?

What is roam?

"All too often, it is audacity and not talent
that moves an artist to center stage"

To put it simply...

ROAM is a three-fold experience - a course for travel wedding videographers, yearly in-person retreats, and consistent monthly community via mentorship.

Core Principles

ROAM Academy





You're probably wondering what all is inside the course right? Well hold your horses, we will get to that. For now, know this - The ROAM course is a 7 module, ever growing, immersive and in-depth course for those aspiring to be travel wedding videographers. Okay, now you can click the button below to REALLY find out more about it.


the roam retreat

Attendance to the 2024 ROAM Retreat is included when you join ROAM Pro. This retreat is far different than others - we focus on intentional community and growth set in adventurous locations. Where will the retreat be in years to come? I guess we will find out - but for now, know the goal will be to always level up your experience. 

Exclusively for ROAM Members

Hear it from those who've been there.

The amount of people that advocate for the ROAM Experience truly blows me away. Give this video a watch to see what existing members are taking away from their journey with ROAM.



Email Templates

If you're just starting out and you need a head start on getting email templates togethers, these will be of great help for you!

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The Course

The Wander Luts

7 Modules, In-Depth Color Grading, Sound Design, Business Elevation, Shooting Techniques, Live Elopement BTS/Explanation, and more!
Elegant, Dramatic, and Stylized looks for Wedding Videographers - muted greens, beautiful skins tones, and mood are what The Wander LUTs are all about!
$89 $110

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Contract Templates

This template set includes a destination wedding/elopement contract, a NDA Contract, and a Raw Footage Contract for those of you needing help getting started with the contract side of your business


Questionarre Templates

Knowing the right things to ask your couples before the wedding day is essential in preparing for your pre-wedding consultation calls and for readiness on the day of the wedding in general.  

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Mentor Sessions

If ROAM isn't right for you but you're still looking to up your game and you need someone to help you with some of your current pain points, well I'm here to help!