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As videographers, color is our biggest opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Color is the tool by which we show the quality of our work, and let potential brides know that our work exudes professionalism and luxury. The Wander LUTS were created for just this reason - to accentuate the images you worked so hard to capture. 

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  • 5 Distinct LUTs
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  • LUTs designed for specific shooting situations (like backlit sunset)

Color is

a Power

Affects the Soul

that Directly


There's nothing like the color grade you get from a sunset backlighting a bride and groom, window light casting shadows on a bride's face, or a beautifully overcast day. The Wander LUTs were designed to work the best with natural light, which is our predominant light source as wedding videographers.

Skin Tones

You've heard the term "oompa loompa", and we don't want our brides turning out to look like one in our color grade. So many LUTs turn skin tones a nasty orange - the Wander LUTs are designed to accentuate skin tones, not change them.

A desired look in our videos, but much harder to achieve when grading. My biggest desire with these LUTs is to make greens look great, and it was my chief goal in creating these LUTs.

Muted Greens

Stand out

In an industry where so many videographers produce similar looking work, The Wander Luts deliver striking and differentiating looks to your images. With muted greens, enhanced skin tones, and earthy reds, your work is sure to impress with these LUTs.


Contrast is King - it is the means by which our images achieve sharpness and exude that dramatic, striking look we all want. The Wander LUTS deliver outstanding contrast ratios between your shadows, midtones, and highlights, bringing to life the images you worked so hard to produce.

Ease of USE

The Wander LUTS were made to seamlessly make your images stand out without destroying them or leaving artifacts. Simply drag the intensity slider to your desired look, simple as that.

The Wander LUTs
Video Demonstration

Want to see that these LUTs really work? Watch me use the Wander LUTs in my color grade in this video demonstration!

Ready to take your color grading to the next level?

The Wander LUTs will do just that - your color is about to go from from okay, to luxury and elegant - I hope you're ready!

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